Seeking Mr. Wrong


In this warm, charming, and hilarious romance, a kindergarten teacher and children’s book author attempts to write erotica—and sets out to find the right Mr. Wrong for some hands-on inspiration.

Lettie Osbourne has lived her whole life by the book. Sweet, predictable, and certainly not living life on the edge, she’s always been content to make a living as a kindergarten teacher who writes adorable children’s books on the side. After her fiancé leaves her, Lettie decides she is perfectly content to accept her fate as mother to her beloved dog Odin and favorite auntie to her niece and nephew.

But then everything changes.

When Lettie’s publisher decides to sell only erotica, her editor convinces her to turn up the heat and throw some spice into her vanilla life. Lettie sets out to find the perfect man to inspire her writing…and finds him in her school’s vice principal, Eric Clayman. As Lettie and Eric grow closer and her writing gets steamier, she’s left wondering: is Eric Mr. Wrong? Or Mr. Right?


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Praise for Seeking Mr. Wrong

“A delightful romance full of fun. Honestly, from the very first page I adored her writing voice and humor. If you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face, read this book!” — NYT Bestseller Jennifer Probst

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Charles (The Coffee Girl) offers up a delightful and entertaining romance with some spice on the side.” — Library Journal

“The author has given us a delightful story that wraps you up so you never want to leave the warm comfort of the pages she has woven for us. Sigh…A sweet romance, with a few glitches along the way…I loved this one!” — A Midlife Wife

“Natalie Charles takes her romantic couple on a journey of self-discovery, resulting in SEEKING MR. WRONG being funny and heartfelt… SEEKING MR. WRONG entertains with delightfully engaging situations.” — Always Reviewing

“I truly enjoyed Seeking Mr. Wrong.  It was a one of a kind novel.” — Books & Boys Book Blog 

“Cleverly written…Overall, Seeking Mr. Wrong is a spicy romantic read with a little humor tossed about.” — Coffee Addicted Writer

“Natalie Charles writes a charming story that brings together two different people, who on the outside seem the same but once behind locked doors, a whole other persona is unleashed.” — Owl Always Be Reading

“This was a new author for me and I loved it!! The way she wrote 2 different stories mixed together was wonderful (her story and Lettie’s erotic novellas).” — Reading Alley

  “Seeking Mr. Wrong is a book for anyone who reads a lot (too much) contemporary romance.   Readers will be able to identify all the markers they expect, but will love the acknowledgement of everything that annoys them…Buying this book? Totally worth it.” — That’s What I’m Talking About

“Seeking Mr. Wrong features humanly flawed, realistic characters that make this book un-put- downable!…I thoroughly enjoyed this story!” – The Romance Reviews

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