Why We Marched

If you’ve read my books, you know I’m a feminist. I believe women should have ownership of their minds and bodies. Pro-life, pro-choice, conservative or liberal, stay-at-home mom or working mom or not a mom at all–all of it should be a choice for each woman without judgment from me (or anyone else, for that matter).

I have lots of my own opinions about things and I really do try to keep them off this page. But I want to share that I marched with my daughter at the Women’s March in Boston last weekend. I share this because I’ve heard a lot of people asking why we were marching, what were we asking for/complaining about, etc. My daughter and I decided to march with a sign that said simply, “Love Wins.” I believe that humans are innately good and loving, and this is our natural state. I’d love to see more genuine kindness in this world.

The march has been cast as anti-Trump–and a lot of it was–but the experience as a whole was much more than that. People smiled at each other and held the door. Strangers in the train station informed me that the ticket machine was broken and that I’d have to pay on board. We shared seats and talked to each other–not about politics, but about what we were reading these days. In a crowd of 150k people, we experienced zero pushing or rudeness. I didn’t see anyone heckle the occasional Pro-Trump supporter (brave souls). It was positive and peaceful and life-affirming at a time when I’ve been feeling like maybe I should buy a cabin in the woods somewhere and live off the land. There is no end to the cruelty covered in the media.

So, we marched for love. And it was great to be with tens of thousands of other people who have been feeling like maybe we need to be nicer to each other for a change. Red state or blue state, there are a lot of us in this country who are hurting and who need help, and they need to come first. I don’t know what the answer is, I truly don’t. But I do believe that if we approach our problems and differences from a point of compassion instead of fear and anger, we’ll get to a better place. “Less talking, more listening” is going to be my mantra.

Peace, friends.

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  1. Elizabeth Szewczyk

    I’m so proud of you and Talia for showing how important it is to remember that Love Wins. With that in mind, all else falls into place. Much love always.

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