Why I’m Going Indie

On May 5, my first contemporary romance, The Coffee Girl, will release. That is, I will release it. Because I not only wrote it, but I selected the developmental editor, the copy editor, the proofreader, and the graphic designer. I formatted it myself in ebook and print (I learned some HTML. For real). And then I chose the release date. Best of all, I still own all of the rights. This is the first book that is really, truly, entirely mine.

Lots of writers aspire to be traditionally published. I was one of them, and now I’m walking away. Maybe I’ll be back, but it would take an awful lot of thought.


Because I have worked hard to develop my craft, and I think my work is worth more than six cents — or less — on the dollar. (Honestly, that’s what I earn. It’s a GIANT myth that authors are rich).

Because I find the terms in most current traditional publishing contracts unconscionable. Most traditional publishers (not Harlequin, thankfully!) require their authors to be “exclusive” during the term of the contract, which means I couldn’t use my own name on a different book until they said so. In exchange, they would give a pittance. The average advance for a book these days is five thousand dollars, and that’s usually all an author sees for about two years, sometimes longer. No thanks.

Because no traditional publisher will care about my book or my career the way I will.

Because I like to be in control of things that matter deeply to me.

Because I want to set the deadlines, and pricing (for the most part…print is expensive to produce!), and the length of the work, and the tone…

I could go on and on, but let’s just say that I’ve spent over a year — maybe two — learning the ins and outs of indie publishing. This shift represents a lot of thought and hard work, but I couldn’t be more excited about the change.

So when you go to look for The Coffee Girl, it’s not going to be on a bookstore shelf. It’s going to be available online in ebook form at the usual spots — BN, Amazon — and available in paper at Amazon. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to find, but if you’re unable to get it for some reason, please email and let me know. Because I’m the boss, and I can try to fix the problem.

Finally, an enormous thank you to all of my readers! You make it all worth while.





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