One more week…

A SWEET POSSIBILITY is released one week from tomorrow, and I’m *so* excited to share this book with you! I fell in love with Jessie and Nate and their — yes — sweet romance. Some things about this book:

– It’s sweet. Did I mention that? It’s a close-the-door romance and language is PG-13.

– It’s another quick read, similar in length to THE COFFEE GIRL. I personally enjoy quick reads, the kind of book that you can finish in one afternoon or evening, so that’s what I write. However, it’s a complete story, sans cliffhangers.

– I’d classify THE COFFEE GIRL as women’s fiction more than romance. See now, book retailers don’t actually offer a “chick-lit” category for books. (I know, we all bristle at chick-lit, but when I say it, you know what I mean, right? Light, fun, cleaner books with a side of romance.) Between us, this has presented a marketing problem, because THE COFFEE GIRL is categorized on retail sites as a romance (because there’s no other appropriate category) but it’s not a traditional romance. A SWEET POSSIBILITY is a more traditional romance, but with a side of women’s fiction. Make sense?

– It’s light. I hope you laugh when you read it.

That’s it! I really enjoyed writing A SWEET POSSIBILITY, and I hope you enjoy reading it. And now, a teaser…

SweetPossibility1 (1)


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