Welcome to Archer Cove, Connecticut

A place where romance is sweet

The Coffee Girl

A handsome stranger. A simple proposition. What could possibly go wrong?

Wren Mallory is no stranger to failure. Reeling from the humiliation of a very public breakup, she has fled LA for the comfort of her East Coast hometown of Archer Cove. Here, she happily passes her days as the barista in her family’s bakery and spends her nights writing her screenplay. She is slowly mastering the art of the latte and enjoying the quiet life.

Hollywood bad boy Jax Cosgrove has to fix his image if he’s going to be considered for the role of a lifetime. When a good deed leads to a misunderstanding, he presents Wren with an opportunity: pretend to be his girlfriend for a while, and he’ll help her to sell her screenplay.

It seems like a harmless prank, and one that could finally make her dreams come true. But Wren quickly learns that a fake romance with Jax threatens everything in her real life she’s trying to protect: her quiet existence, her beloved bakery…and her heart.

A Sweet Possibility

Life tastes better with chocolate…

All baker Jessica Mallory wants is a modest thigh gap. And her own chocolate shop. And to marry Quinn Rogerson, the man of her dreams. Too bad Quinn just dumped her, leaving her on her front steps in a hideous chartreuse dress. Now, Jessie clings to one hope: she can win Quinn back, if only she can become the woman he’s looking for.

Enter Nate Lancaster, Quinn’s hot best friend and a personal trainer. If anyone can whip Jessie’s soft form into jaw-dropping shape, it’s him. Good thing Jessie and Nate are in that safe “just friends” category. Otherwise, things could get complicated – fast.

For Nate, it was love at first sight. But Jessie’s got her gaze fixed squarely on Quinn. Still, Nate can’t pass up the chance to help Jessie with her self-improvement plan, even if she’s got another man in mind. After all, minds can be changed, and Nate’s never shied from a challenge…

“This was a surprisingly sweet/sensual story…I loved that this story wasn’t so much about going from friends to lovers but about discovering your worth outside of a relationship and learning to see yourself as special, quirks and all, to the one person who mattered.” – Written Love Reviews

A Winter Promise

All she wants for Christmas is to forget about her broken

Innkeeper Anna Tumblesby has her strengths. She bakes a mean
quiche, and she can make any weary traveler feel welcome at her cozy Archer
Cove Inn. But holiday cheer? Not her thing. So when her sister convinces her to
plan the town’s holiday festival, Anna approaches the task with a healthy dose
of trepidation and vows to make the best of it. She’ll deck the halls and wear
an elf suit and grit her teeth until it’s all over.

Ben Tanner doesn’t mean to throw a wrench in Anna’s plans by
showing up at the inn. All he wants for Christmas is to somehow win her back.
But the Anna he finds is closed off to reconciliation, and Ben fears that the
pain of their shared history may have torn them apart for good. ‘Tis the season
for love and miracles…but will that be enough?